How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

Do you feel disheartened when you set a goal and go for it for a short period of time and then conveniently overlook it?

It is extremely common to lack the drive to keep your resolutions, stick to a plan or achieve a goal because almost everyone experiences a drop in motivation.  Achieving goals is not very easy to begin with and a motivational slump doesn’t make it any easier.

If you are still confused about how to stay motivated then we have the perfect tips:

1. Figure out whether your goals are your own

You have to make sure that goals you’ve set are the ones you really wish to attain. Because sometimes people set goals based on what is expected of them or on the basis of what people think they should do or based on what your parents want for you.

How to stay motivated? Go after something that you really want and you are certain that it will make you happy.

2. Break each major goal down into multiple minor goals

Goals should primarily help you grow. By breaking down each goal into multiple steps you will feel a sense of accomplishment every time a target is met. It even makes the goal more manageable.

For instance, if your goal is “learn to prepare a full course meal,” start by saying, “First, I am going to undertake appetizers, then soup, then salad, then the main course, then dessert, and so on.” Ticking each thing off the list will feel rewarding and your drive to achieve your goal won’t drop.

3. Visualize the aftermath of not achieving your goal

Everyone always visualizes the happiness of achieving a goal because it obviously motivates you. But feeling the pain of not fulfilling your resolution also strengthens your motivation. Take some time to think about how you don’t want to feel that pain and it will double your motivation.

4. Maintain consistency

Take consistent action every day. Even if you don’t have the time or don’t have the mood on some days, do something proactive to get you closer to your ultimate goal. Maintain consistency in everything– professional as well as personal life, health and bedtime routine and other things too.

5. Surround yourself with inspiration

Inspirational art pieces, motivational posters, and motivational quotes on a wall help you forge a connection to your goal and resonate with you to stay motivated and work harder to achieve your goal.

Reading quotes from inspirational and successful personalities gives you a mental boost and acts like a psychological pick-me-up.

6. Seek positive vibes only

Don’t engage in social interactions with people who bring you down. How to stay motivated with this? You must surround yourself with helpful, and positive people only. Engage with friends who will give you advice and are good listeners.

7. Savor small victories

When you strike a few small goals off your list or find yourself nearing a major goal, treat yourself because positive reinforcement is the best way to stay motivated. Give your back a pat, and celebrate even small successes to keep yourself engaged.

Make sure your rewards are in sync with your goals. So, if your goal was to lose a few lbs, don’t treat yourself to a dine out or a cheat day when you lose half of your target. Instead, do something appropriate to further improve your fitness goal, like get a massage, or a new gym membership or plan a spa day.

8. Devise a plan B

Every time you set a goal, always keep in mind that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Humans have evolved enough to spot roadblocks and setbacks. So, prepare yourself for foreseeable obstacles that may arise.

Rethink all your small steps, and always keep an alternative option along the way.

In conclusion

All of us experience a lack of drive to work toward a goal, but by keeping your priorities in order, breaking down everything and engaging in positivity will help you achieve all your goals in life. These tips will definitely help you if you are wondering on how to stay motivated.


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