The Best Places on the Market to Sell Domain Names

Interested in selling your domain name? Discover the best places on the market to sell domain names! Believe it or not – the domains are the new real estate. They are unique, which is a feature that makes them valuable and they are cheap, which is a feature that makes them a low-risk investment. What other reasons you need, to jump in now and start selling domain names. In order to begin investing in domain names and then sell them successfully, you need to register the domains first. It is important to base the domain registration on domain valuation methods and keyword analysis. If you own valuable domains it will be easier for you to sell the domains later for a higher price. Besides having a quality name, another thing that matters is where you are going to sell the domain name.

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The Most Popular Places to Sell Domains

  • Domain Brokerage Websites Most people sell domains on special domain brokerage websites. These brokerage websites are specialized platforms which sell domains in exchange for a percent of the profit. The percent usually varies between 2% and 18%, depending on the type of services you are going to use from the site. The domain brokerage websites are a great place for selling domains as they make the process simpler. They can easily contact you with a potential seller and also your domain will be included in the search domain database

  • Escrow Services The escrow services are a vital element of the process of selling domains. The escrow services are generally used when there are large transactions involved. These services work in a simple way – the buyer sends money to the escrow service, and the escrow service sends the money to you, once you will transfer the domain name to the buyer.
  • Domain Forums This is a less formal place to sell domain names but highly popular. However, you need to keep in mind that scams are a possibility when selling domains here. Transferring a domain name, without an escrow service is a risk. For that reasons, never transfer the domain name, before receiving the money first.


Regardless of where you are going to sell your domain name, invest in a quality domain from the start. You cannot expect to make a profit if you are selling bad domain names whether you selling the domain on a domain brokerage website or domain forum.

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